Our Product Range

Ithuba Valves manufacture Water Works valves ranging from 80 mm to 3000mm with working pressure ranging from 10 bars up to 100 bars.

•    Butterfly Valves Double Flanged 

•    Butterfly Valves  Wafer Type (Data Sheets on request)

•    Rubber-lined Butterfly Valves (Data Sheets on request)

•   Metal Seated Butterfly valves (Data Sheets on request)
•    Wedge Gate Valves

•    Sleeve Valves

•    Non-Return Valves Double flanged (single door and multi door) 

•    Plunger Valves

•    Spherical Valves

Please Click on below images for catalogue of products: 

Wedge Gate Valves
Non-Return Valves
Sleeve Velve
Butterfly Valve


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